About The Company

An authentic interest for design, craftsmanship, and looks was the crucial element in the structure of HomeOfLife back in 2006. HomeOfLife have actually developed a distinct and favorable design throughout the years bringing life and beauty to your house.

Our company thinks in continuously difficult ourselves with collections differing from gadgets over furniture to lighting. We produce contemporary designs with a touch of mid-century appeal in line with our Scandinavian design heritage.

It's part of our DNA to take outstanding care of the origin of our products, so we produce whatever in line with the customs of craftsmanship insincere items and an excited eye for info. By honest items, we think about neat, authentic items with a little result on the environment.

We establish products for the little and truthful minutes in every day life. Using our unique design vocabulary, we have subtle designs for each single corner of your life. And we like precisely what we do.